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It all starts with design:

Do you have some ideas on the design of your house, great!

We can draft your house using our 3D architecture program. Once you are satisfied with the design, we send it away to our draftsman and engineer.

Engineered Plans


Once the draftsman has done the sizing of the plans. Plans will be sent back to us and we will go through the layout & sizing with you.

For the building to be engineered in accordance with state and local authorities, the engineer requires the following documents:

  • Slope Stability report

  • Effluent Report

  • Soil Testing

  • Fire Hazard Report

  • Energy Efficiency Report

  • Contour Survey

Some of these reports can be arranged by the home owner or we can arrange these for you.

The costing for the reports will be detailed in your Preliminary Agreement.

Preliminary Agreements

Signing Contract

A preliminary agreement is a contract between home owner and builder stating tasks and costings that will be completed by the builder prior to giving a quote for your build.  

This is only an estimate and can incur additional cost (owners will be notified prior)

Preliminary Agreements generally include the following:

  • Site surveyed

  • Foundations data: soil testing

  • Drawings & specifications prepared for council

Inclusion List


An inclusions list is a detailed list of items that are included in your build. 

Prime Cost Items are items such as internal doors, door handles, oven, etc.

Provisional Sums is an allowance for items that involve labor: cabinetry, windows etc. These sums may alter if choices in design have changed from the plans.  

An inclusions list is agreed upon prior to the build. 

Changes can still  be made after the contract is signed; a variations form must be signed prior to completing the work. 

Build Contract

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.07.34

What we need you to do prior to giving a quote

  • Cabinet Maker:

    • Take your plans to our cabinet maker

    • You will discuss with them the cabinetry you want for your home 

  • House plans:

    • On your house plan mark the electrical plan (lights, light switches, air-conditioners, powerpoints, fans etc)

    • Plumbing (external hoses)

  • Colours:

    • Choose the colours for your house; walls, skirts, roof, gutters, front door etc.  

Once all these elements are detailed and the inclusions list is signed, we are then able to quote on your house accurately. 

Bank Requirements 


Requirements for a loan differ from the various financial institutes and to your individual situation, however the list below outlines the general guide:

  • House Plans

  • Financial Statements, pay slips, tax returns

  • Builders Contract (this states the loan amount)

  • Inclusions List

  • Liabilities & Assets 

  • Builders Quote

Building Process


A commencement form will be signed within 10days of starting. The deposit invoice will be issued and work will commence. 

The build has 6 stages for payments:

  • Deposit

  • Base

  • Frame

  • Enclosed

  • Fixing

  • Practical Completion 

An invoice will be sent at each stage. To move onto the next stage invoices need to be paid on time otherwise there will be delays in the build. 

Practical Completion & Handover


Final inspection from a building certifier is arranged with Builder. 

Practical completion form is sent to homeowners and a walk though inspection is booked in. This is to walk through with the Builder to see any defects. The defects form is signed and the practical completion invoice is sent. 

Handover happens once the Builder receives the form 21 (final inspection) from the certifier and the practical completion invoice is paid by the owners. Your keys will be handed over and you are now able to move into your home.

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